Business coaching is in essence providing a support role, offering feedback and advice (and rationale) to the owner (partners, directors or stakeholders), in order “to help them” recognise ways in which they can improve the effectiveness of their business.

To provide tools by which those actively involved in the business learn and grow

Our approach to coaching is the same as it would be business consulting but different in that strategically it engages a partnership with a long term perspective and platform.

This is our preferred relationship structure because we get the opportunity to add value using our full resources across a variety of inter related business functions.

If we are going to ask people to be accountable, it’s only fair that we also seek to be made accountable for our contribution.

What drives this passion? “It is extremely rewarding to see others doing well, doing it themselves, working smarter, placing the patient in the centre”.

Typically after nine to 12 months our scope reduces back to schedule meetings every 90 days, otherwise on call.
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