The best definition I’ve ever come across to describe marketing is  “initiating, maintaining and sometimes ending relationships between businesses and customers”

Often confused with advertising, marketing is much more than just a pretty picture. In order to satisfy your business objectives you must understand and anticipate the needs and wants of your patients and then satisfy them.

It  a known fact that it costs you around 20 times more to find a new patient than it does to retains the ones you already have; and your existing patients have all the answers.

Just like patient expectations; marketing options and media channels also continue to change and fragment.

Do you know if your current marketing activity is working, what of the internet and social media? What’s next and how do you gain leverage from combining your marketing efforts?

Public relations and publicity are superb for “specialist” positioning, but it is the culmination of your marketing efforts that help shape brand.

Delivering real patient value is equated as “benefits minus the cost”. How this is executed via your actions within the practice and how you communicate internally and externally is paramount.

Marketing for primary health care service providers is uniquely different!
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