Terms of Trade

Locum Service

OpticsNZ scope will be to provide an introductory service, complete an assignment agreement making all terms clear for all parties before sign off

Clients pay the locum directly as well as any fees for accommodation and travel.

We charge a per day, fixed rate fee by profession

  • Dispensing Opticians $65 per day
  • Optometrists $80 per day


You will only be charged for our recruitment services upon signing of an employment agreement.

Our fees are fixed by profession,

  • Sales Executives, Laboratory Technicians/managers $3.5k
  • Practice Managers and Dispensing Opticians $4k
  • Ophthalmic nurses and Orthoptists $4.5k
  • Optometrists $6k

Our scope includes;

  • Screening candidates
  • Initial interview
  • Reference checking
  • Offer of employment letter
  • Job description and employment agreement
  • Performance management plan

We are well connected with the NZ immigration service, national and Australian associations, colleges, registration boards and the medical council and provide full support for all candidates seeking employment.


Practice Brokering

Selling a practice can be a complex and emotional process.  Even large business owners who have operated multi-million dollar global companies choose to utilise the services of a professional business broker or merger & acquisition advisory, not because larger companies are more complex, but rather because of the inherent value in having an objective, third-party advisor direct the process.

Studies show that using an intermediary will increase the likelihood of a successful transaction.

OpticsNZ only engages to broker practices where we are the sole representative for the first 12 months and when we have compiled a practice profile ourselves.

We charge an initial $5,000 plus GST on engagement, this is a non-refundable and covers our travel costs and our time preparing the practice profile.

Fees are paid on performance and as a percentage of the final sale value, less the initial $5,000 and is specified below:
  • 8% for practices that sell for under $500k
  • 7% for practices that sell for over $500k

(open to negotiation for group or multi-practice sales)


Business Consulting

OpticsNZ will prepare a  proposal which will document the scope of our services and the investment required prior to engagement.
For example:

  • Business and marketing plan completion (or a review of an existing plan),
  • HR audits and staffing reviews
  • Marketing initiatives,
  • Culture and value appraisals
  • Supply chain reviews

There is no fee for the initial proposal. Once the proposal is approved and signed this will become a binding agreement.

The Finer Detail

Prior to any engagement, OpticsNZ will respond with a  proposal with estimated costs to ensure clarity for all parties.

All rates shown are expressed in NZD and are exclusive of GST

For work in Australia, the fees remain the same but they are expressed in AUD and are GST free.

Travel costs required for recruitment and business consulting services are a client expense. Prior approval will always be sought.

Any invoices for the likes of production, photography, graphic design, web or Facebook building, printing etc, will be billed directly to the client for payment. Any client costs incurred by OpticsNZ will always require the client’s prior approval.

Invoices issued by OpticsNZ are to be paid on the 20th of the following month trading terms.